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It takes one
to treat one

In my youth, I aspired to be the perfect son, a straight-A student, and an outstanding athlete, beyond reproach in my willingness to outshine my peers.

With an autistic younger sibling, the burden that put on my family hastened to define my role as the first-born son. I became single-minded in pursuit of my father’s approval as a means of contrast and distraction. Unfortunately, this quest kept me focused on his needs and divorced me from my own.

After much soul-searching and rebellion, I rejected my father’s legacy to chart my own.

So many years and so many therapy sessions later, I have learned to discern the difference between meeting my own needs and seeking the approval of others.

In this journey of finding my own identity I have tangled with the stigma of mental illness, realized my own values and goals and can now offer this remedy to others as it is not something one can learn in textbooks.

All that I have become as my father’s son, my brother’s protector, my wife’s husband, and my baby’s father have coalesced into the devoted, differentiated human being you see before you who happens to have a license to practice what he is preaching.

To Recover From And Live With Mental Illness Requires
A Willingness To Understand The Root Of The Problem

You must accept and embrace who you are warts and all.

Know that you are not identified by your illness. You have a name, a personality and a past. And you have a story to tell. Share it.

Stay the course; stay true to yourself and watch your life unfold.

You are so much more than the sum of your parts.

Owning your imperfect brain chemistry, including the pain along with the splendor, equips and acquaints you with self-acceptance, self-reliance, and resilience.

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You Are Respected By Those Who Know And Love You
Not The Best Version Of Yourself Right Now? Don’t Worry.

This is a difficult time with many emotions. You’re proud. You’re ashamed. You’re angry. You’re frustrated. But most of all, you’re ready to get help. More importantly you want to get help. If you’re reading my website, now is the time.

Often we turn a blind eye to our illness as it is easier to avoid oneself than look in the mirror and face our problems directly.

When you’re able to look in that mirror and know exactly who is looking back at you I’ve done my job. Knowing yourself can be the hardest and most freeing thing to do.






ADHD is a cognitive disorder characterized by poor attention, lack of focus and ability to absorb information. Having to ask others to repeat themselves, reading the same line over and over again in a book, totally zoning out or taking 2-3 times longer to complete assignments. You probably suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Luckily we have some of the best medications the world has to offer here in the United States with almost instant therapeutic turnaround. In other words
we can have you focused and fully attentive with your very first dose of medication. We also have an array of non-medication based interventions to help you stay organized and on the path to success!

Probably one of the most common forms of mental illness, this one comes with a lack of enjoyment in anything that used to be fun complete with sleeping most hours of the day and feelings of worthlessness. Depression can come about as a response to a negative life event or in a recurring fashion with periods of feeling “alright” interspersed with feeling completely down and out. Not wanting to see friends or family is completely normal here as well as seeking rewards for some semblance of
feeling normal. Conventional antidepressants can completely relieve you of all of the above symptoms and combined with talk therapy can put this into full remission permanently.

Probably one of the most common and paralyzing symptoms to have, manifesting both mentally and physically depending on the severity. Anxiety usually begins mentally and can progress to full blown panic episodes with increased heart rate, shortness of breath and a feeling of constriction in your throat. After experiencing an attack, one usually associates the level of fear experienced with
the place they were in at the time, the people they were with or day of the week when it occurred. Fortunately this is treatable with medications that are non-invasive and highly effective, some within minutes after taking. Combined with behavioral interventions, anxiety can be put into full remission.


"In one session figured out a successful medication regimen for me that four doctors over three years couldn't figure out. My life has done a total 180 since becoming a client"
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